About Us

The Hair and & Beauty Supply Store are the suppliers of quality beauty, hair and grooming products and aim to be leaders in this industry.

We were founded in mid 2017, importing groundbreaking ethnic hair care produts. Our products were orignally aimed at helping people of African descent to comb, style and maintain  thier hair, but we have since expanded our range to include a vast range of beauty and hair care products for everyone.

Some of the brands we stock include, but are not limited to: Bump Patrol, GroHealthy Shea & Coconut, Nothing But, Revlon Realistic, Sofn'Free, Sofn'Free GroHealthy, Sofn'Free n'Pretty, Sofn'Free n'Pretty GroHealthy and Stylin' Dredz, Clere, Top Society, Vinolia, White Rose, Easy Waves, Gold Series Perfumes, Body Talk, Lulu, Girlfriend, Revenge, Glosheen, Sta Sof Fro,